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Although Park Ji-Sung in Asia and half off nikes United have achieved great glory, but there is no formal girlfriend, marriage is nike free run mint impossible, due to the high popularity of Park Ji-Sung, so his girlfriend also will be many Korean fans fan attention and evaluation, to Park nike free run 3 womens mint green Ji-Sung for his love or marriage is very careful.

Although previously reported a lot about Park Ji-Sung the scandal, but stays in the media speculation basis, this time somebody exposes and Park Ji-Sung will marry, this event was the first time.

No previous reports of any scandal of two, through this bid, has rapidly in the major South Korean site became the topic of free run 2 people, in about the incident, Park Ji-Sungs agent was immediately issued a statement, prior to Park Ji-Sung and Zheng Zhi Hui did not previously know, we currently have no further correspondence, after consultation with the parties concerned.

nike 5.0 womens This month 28 days, the 2010 Miss Korea audition finalists Zheng Zhihui at a forum in the sun that he is Park Ji-Sungs fiance, also upload real personal information and photos, caused the great attention of nike free run 5.0 mens the netizen in korea.

In South Korea the current Asian Cup squad, Park Ji-Sung is still an absolute core, in nike free run 5.0 cheap South Korea and nike free run 5.0 womens pink Asia range still has a very high popularity, recently, Miss Korea final contestant Zheng Zhi benefits from exposure and Park Ji-Sung will get married soon after, caused the intense attention of Korea fans.

It is reported, Zheng Zhi - now 22 years old, height of 174CM, is now the Han Guocheng Museum of university students, nike free run 5.0 professional dance department, to participate in the 2010 Miss Korea election, through local selection and a way to enter the finals, in the news leaked, many fans considered Zheng Zhi Hui personal speculation, no basis in fact, but the because of all the personal information is true, there are many ball superstition thought it, I heard Park Ji-Sung this month 30 days with the South Korean team to go back, in addition to declare themselves withdraws from the national sports team, this is not to marry Zheng Zhi benefits? , Park Ji-Sung is getting married, too.

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